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63 GT Hawk Reverse Light Socket Replacement

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  • Electrical: 63 GT Hawk Reverse Light Socket Replacement

    The socket on one of my reverse lights is worn out/corroded and not working. Is there a socket I can buy to replace it? I removed the tail light assembly and it seems like its will be challenging to remove the socket. Advice?
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    Over time, I have removed & replaced every socket, front and rear of Stude Hawks. Sometimes they have to be pried out, bored out, twisted and pulled out like a tooth extraction, etc.. Just do whatever it takes, but be very careful not to break the housing. Most FLAPS sell replacement sockets that are close enough. Some fit like they were made for the Stude, and others may need to be anchored with JB Weld, but they generally fit, one way or another. With new sockets and fresh grounds, the lights will be nice and bright. If the old socket is trash, you really don't have many options. While you are at it, put some tin foil over the dulled housing surrounding the bulb, to make the lights even brighter.


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      As Joe said, available at most flaps. I ordered some on amazon, and they were such poor quality, they couldn't be used.
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        Not cheap but look to be well engineered