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  • Speedo / Tach / Gauges: M Fuel Gauge Mod

    I devised a modification to the M fuel gauge to make it last forever...
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    -----WOW! ----- (extra characters so I can post the reply. "WOW!" was only 4).


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      You lost me at gold plate.
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        Yep, Simple as 1, 2, -29! Lost me at the "MOSFETS" and the Kapton Tape.
        Do you need some "Light Savers" as well?
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          It's refreshing to see something well thought out. Much better than the typical "what's wrong with it?" "I think I will take it all apart then end up buying a new one."
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            Thanks for the detailed instructions.
            This could be used for most Studebaker temperature gauges from this manufacture. AC Delco or Stewart Warner .I do not know who the "M" series gauges were made by but they are used on all 1941 and up until went to type B instruments on the "R" series trucks.