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Newport Wiper motor install ??

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  • Electrical: Newport Wiper motor install ??

    Just started to try the install on this motor in my 53' 2R6....... looks like there is some drilling and fab work to be done. Anyone completed this install recently ?

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    So you never know what you're going to find after 60+ years..... The short post: the PO had tried to install an electric Redmond wiper motor in my 53' C-cab. He switched out the original wiper arms (vacuum), and installed the electric Redmond arms but never installed the motor. I ordered the 49-53 truck motor only to find it wouldn't match my now, wrong wiper arms. Luckily, I have the old arms and will be in business soon. I needed them today : rain & snow......


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      Originally posted by jackb View Post
      Just started to try the install on this motor in my 53' 2R6....... looks like there is some drilling and fab work to be done. Anyone completed this install recently ?
      What's a "Newport Wiper"? Is it an aftermarket kit, or a wiper motor from a Chrysler Newport?
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        New Port Engineering makes aftermarket wiper kits for the hot rod crowd. They are electric.

        "Motor mounts in stock location in engine compartment and uses stock linkage and transmissions. The two speed switch provided will mount in stock location but delay switch will
        .12 volt wiring is required."

        Are you sure you have the right motor? Mistakes can be made in shipping. The wiring should be 12 volts on the truck, right?
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          FYI I used a Subaru Legacy Click image for larger version

Name:	PICT0001.JPG
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ID:	1812647 wiper motor in the speedster after a friend put one in his pickup. Pictures are on Bob Johnstones website. Much cheaper than Newport and not any more difficult than the Newport I put in the 37


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            I have no personal experience with New Port products, so take the comments below with a grain of salt. The NP web site shows one motor for 49-53 and another for 54-63. Splitting it like that oversimplifies the matter and leads to confusion. Two problems with that listing:
            (1) The motors are 12 volt, while 54 and 55 trucks were 6 volts -- so lumping them in with the later trucks could cause problems. Good if you're converting to 12v, not so good if you want to stay 6v.
            (2) Studebaker first offered electric wipers mid-way through the 1953 model year, and modified the vertical strut welded to the cowl to accommodate both vacuum and electric motors. (Electric motors would not mount to the earlier strut.) The serial number break points are in the parts book. The early and late vacuum wipers are different, and the OEM electric motors won't fit the early cabs. The NP listing SHOULD say "49-early 53" and "late 53-63".

            So if you've already converted to 12v in your 1953 2R, then the later NP motor is what you want. If you want to stick with 6v, then the later motor will fit your truck, but you'll have to deal with the voltage difference.
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              Hi Jack - not "recently", and not on a truck, but I did install a new port wiper motor. Here is the thread on it.