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  • Engine: Avanti Starter motor

    I have some notes from an old Avanti Quarterly to the effect that " the original Avanti Starters (MDUnnnn) were not anything to brag about and that the Delco 1107651 (Stude# 1539581) was a great replacement". There's one on Ebay right now, but I don't know if it's for an automatic or standard..
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    Sorry the '59-'64 Studebaker Chassis Parts Catalog lists all the Starters and their Details but only by Studebaker Part Numbers, NOT Delco & Autolite so I was unable to look it up.

    That Bendix Extension Housing appears to be the Long one, from mounting Flange to Starter Motor, indicating to me that it is for a Manual Trans. but possibly could be changed if you have a Power Shift.
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      I believe that you are referring to the change in Avanti starter motors on about May 9, 1963. The 3-pole motors were replaced with 4-pole motors, identified as MDY. The new starters are P/N 1560946 for std. and P/N 1560947 for AT.

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        I believe that refers to specs in the A.E.A. (Automotive Electrical Association) charts where it shows Lock Torque stall test for the Prestolite MDY starter at 9.0 ft. lbs. 12v Delco starters as used in V8 cars from 1956 to '61 is shown as 10.5 ft. lbs.
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