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  • Body / Glass: Golden Hawk

    My question is concerning the seam molding or strip that attaches the fin to the body on the trunk side of the fin of a 56j. Is this strip or molding metal?

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    yes, there are "T" bolts that slide inside the moulding, and it bolts inside the trunk area. Some of the attaching nuts are very difficult to reach. Classic Enterprise had them listed in their catalog.
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      If your 56J has the correct, OEM strips, they are stamped metal. There are about 10-12 't' bolts that hold each strip in place. Classic Enterprises has repro strips, but last I checked, their 't' bolts were too large for 56J. I used regular headed screws and carefully ground the heads into a 't' shape. I believe SI now has the correct size 't' bolts.

      The attaching nuts for the rear 't' bolts are easily accessed by opening the trunk and reaching up around the trunk lip, but the ones up near the trunk hinges are a bit harder to access. The forward 2-3 do NOT have nuts, they push into barrel clips, which anchor them. They foremost ones are best accessed by removing the rear quarter windows and regulators. Then, all you need to do it use something to press upward on each bolt, to force it through the barrel clip. If you are trying to salvage the metal strips this is the proper way to go about it. OTOH, if you are replacing them, you can just use pliers on the metal strips to pull the forward 2-3 't' bolts through the barrel clips.
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        Thanks for the good info.