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56 studebaker wagon WINDLACE question---May pertain to all 1950's Studes

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  • Body: 56 studebaker wagon WINDLACE question---May pertain to all 1950's Studes

    Hello .. I have after market windlace that isn't quite wide enough to slide under the body's pinch tangs that hold the windlace in place, and fit properly
    ... that said, is there a windlace available that matches the stock width SIZE , OR, does one simply have to modify the modern replacement ?? thanks

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    Sew strips of heavy material onto the verge. I have also cut stripsr of cheap indoo/outdoor carpeting and glued it on with hot melt glue. Worked great.


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      Yes the Studebaker New Interior reproduction providers sew a "Tack Strip" onto the mounting tab to widen it for All Post war Studebakers. They do sell the Modified stuff ready to install in the correct Length for each Model.
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      Proud '54 Starliner Owner


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        Look closely at your old windlace.there is a peice of welting cord sewn next to the robber. this lays in a groove in the body flange and helps prevent pullout.i have had to add this cord next to the rubber body and a strip of canvas to reach the hold down tabs,also bend each tab slightly so the point actually holds the strip and doesnt just clamp it. Luck Doofus


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          thanks ...i got to a sewing machine....Done