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1957 Hawk Fin Installation - Help Needed!!

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  • Body: 1957 Hawk Fin Installation - Help Needed!!

    After a long delay, I just managed to start again on my efforts on restoring my Golden Hawk. I am currently mounting the rear fenders and fins (both are NOS). But before I start drilling and screw something up I thought I would seek some advice. Currently, the top edge between the fin and trunk is temporarily attached with screws. That required hours of fitting the taillight housing onto the fender/fin but it now appears to look OK to me. I then moved to the bottom edge of the fin on the wheel side where it attaches to the fender. Since the fender is NOS there are no previous holes to guide me but there are some holes on the fin. There are a total of 15 holes on the edge of the fin of which 10 look to be 1/8 in size and 5 are slightly larger at 9/64 ( I think??) Do I simply drill these holes into the fender underneath? What size holes are required for the stainless side trim? I assume the smaller holes are for attaching the fin to the fender and the slightly larger holes are for the trim attachment? What kind of screws/bolts are used to attach the fins on the wheel side? I have what I need to lay in the seam strip on top but clueless for the side installation. I saw on line (Ray Linn Site) the clips recommended for the stainless trim but the holes at the top of the fin are so much larger that the bottom edge. What am I missing? Should I pre-fit all the trim before final fitting of the fin? Where do I get the right Thanks in advance for any help on this!
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    I assume the holes at the top are larger so the clips for stainless can be inserted. Your body manual should tell you what fasteners are used for the other areas.
    The information is on page 484 of the Chassis Parts manual.


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      Thanks! I still get confused by how the manuals are organized but I found it. The numbers of bolts in the Manuel don’t match the holes that are punched but the sizes do so I am good to go. Thanks again for the response


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        About the Only thing I find unusual in the Catalogs is the Front Fenders, Hood and Grille are in the COOLING Section, so NOT listed in the Body Parts Catalog but, the Group Numbers in the Chassis Parts Catalog to find the Part Numbers and applications of those Parts are Noted in the Picture View in the Body Parts Catalog.
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          I made a paper pattern for the holes from the old fender. That worked great as I was concerned about too much spread on the fin and concerned the trim would not line up properly

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            Good idea on the pattern. Unfortunately the fender was rusted away where the fin was originally bolted to the fender so I have little to work with. There might be one or two of the original holes still there - maybe enough to anchor in places to mount the trim and reverse engineer into the trim line?.
            Definately makes me think I need to seal the seams top and bottom to prevent it from rusting again?


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              I believe it is impossible to seal the fins to the fender area to prevent water from entering. I would suggest that the area be painted before assembly. Also any hole you drill must be painted to protect the raw metal from being exposed.
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