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Replanting a T-96

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  • Transmission / Overdrive: Replanting a T-96

    Having a tough time getting my T-96 OD tranny to re-seat after replacing the clutch, release bearing and pilot bushing. I had it together and in the car, when sticking shifters had me pulling the tranny out to clean things more thoroughly. Now that everything moves smoothly I've been trying to get the beast slid back in. The best I can do is to get within all but about 1-1/2 to 2" of the bell housing. Tried using longer bolts to cinch it up but it just doesn't want to budge and I don't want to force it. To me, it feels like the end of the shaft doesn't want to slide in the bushing, but I know they're 'made for each other' and my alignment tool goes in fine.
    Besides using a bigger hammer, any thoughts? Thanks!

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    The transmission was in, was removed, alignment tool goes in easily but the transmission won't go back in. That's unusual, to say the least.

    1. Is the input shaft engaging the clutch disc splines? This can be felt with the tranny in gear and trying to turn the output shaft.
    2. Are you using a transmission jack or floor jack to support the transmission?
    3. The 2" distance might indicate a hangup of the tranny front bearing retainer in the throwout bearing collar. Have someone depress wiggle the clutch lever and feel any movement of the transmission.

    jack vines


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      Never a good idea to try pulling a trans into place with bolts. But a couple long bolts with the heads cut off can be a big help to guide the trans in straight.
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        Thanks, Jack! I'm not using a transmission jack, but instead have a home-made v-shaped plate I use on my floor jack, with the car just off the ground. My neighbor is a mechanic and has offered his transmission jack in the past. I'll take him up on it.
        The splines match and seem to slide on the trans shaft okay, and when I move the clutch lever, I can see the release bearing moving okay on the smooth surface of the shaft. Must be the positioning of the tranny as I wrestle with it. I even cut the heads off two other bolts and used them as guides, but something's out of whack.


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          Get 4 long bolts and cut the heads off. Slide the tranny up and with a little push from the rear, turn the out put shaft with the trans in gear. It will catch and slide right in.


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            I have used long bolts in the top bell housing holes to position my transmission for years. Usually this works fine, but the last time my transmission was hanging up. What I finally determined was that the clutch disc had moved slightly after I removed my alignment tool. I realigned the disc and the transmission went right in.
            Of course, this was after pulling the transmission in and out from under the car about six times and fighting it on and off my home brewed trans cradle on the ground. If you have a garage and a lift your experience may vary.
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              52-fan, using a floor jack and home-made cradle while trying to reposition a transmission is the very definition of frustration. I'm with you there! I do have a lift and have found it to be an enormous back-saver while working under the car. To use the floor jack, I had the car barely off the ground (so the jack would reach) and used four guide bolts this time. After a little wiggling and grunting, the tranny slipped in! My Thanksgiving Day is complete!
              Thanks, everyone for the help!