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  • Electrical: HornGolden Hawk

    Is it necessary to remove the steering column in a 56j to replace the horn wire

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    Important questions: Does your 56J have power steering? Why do you think the wire needs replaced?


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      The brass tip on the wire has broken off.


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        So is it power steering, or standard steering? The reason I keep asking is, they are two different animals.


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          Power steering


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            Yep, to REPLACE the horn wire you'd need to pull the column at least a few inches up toward the firewall, after disconnecting the shift rods. Then remove the nuts that attach the stalk to the gearbox coupler. Finally, unscrew the gearbox end of the wire from a brass ring it attaches to.

            However, you might be able to attach a wire extension onto the nub that is left under the steering wheel, then attach another brass tip onto the extension. I'd say time to think out of the box in attaching the extension, i.e. solder it, use a wire connector, whatever you can do, long as it works, and does not ground against the inside of the stalk. With a wire extension 2-3 inches long, you'd have room to attach the brass tip, then could push the excess wire back down inside the stalk.