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VR4 in a R3?

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    Originally posted by Dwight FitzSimons View Post
    A sort-of-related question: I have a '64 R1 Hawk, and a supercharger setup off a '63 R2 Hawk. The R1 engine, of course, has 10.25:1 compression ratio, much higher than the R2's 9:1 C.R. 582 heads. 93 octane 100% gas seems to be adequate for a stock R2. But, what if I put the blower on the R1 engine with the 10.25 C.R. 570 heads? Would racing gas (available nearby) be adequate to prevent detonation? I realize that racing gas is expensive, but I don't drive my Studes very many miles anyway. Am I missing something about raising the C.R. of a supercharged Studebaker V8?
    History has it I ran 12:1 with a Paxton spinning as fast as the pulleys available would let me. Back then we had 100 octane at the pump. In doing so I never thought it was going to work but was going to try it before changing pistons. It worked and it was not babied, I raced it. The 259 that I built with an R4 dome had about 10.5 and even more boost because it was smaller. That setup suffered what you might since it had cast pistons as in R1\2 engines. On the other hand you will never make a 3 mile full throttle pass. At Bonneville they gave us the gas so no one knows what it was. My advice is run it. If you stick with 93 fuel and standard pulley ratio it will be OK. The only other thing might be to run more cam as I always found that to help. Stude cams are way to weak. Almost anything will be better. Even the factory R3 cam is not that good, remember it was changed from the Winfield grind. An advertised 270 is as far as you need to go on the street. Less might be better with the higher intensity of todays grinds.


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      I sold one last year to Bob Major that has my old car. Note the rear housing flange, and the scroll cover are noticeably thicker than the SN-60. Also the impeller inlet is much larger (4") and the impeller is totally different than the old McCulloch/Paxton impellers. That's all I'll say about that.
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