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Oil Pan removal, ‘48 Commander

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  • Engine: Oil Pan removal, ‘48 Commander

    I have a 1948 Studebaker Commander Land Cruiser. I need to remove the pan. Can I
    do that with out lifting the engine up?

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    Welcome to the forum! Please make your post titles as specific as possible, so that you get better responses. Also, please be sure to post technical questions in the Tech Talk board. Thanks!

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      Welcome to the Forum. Unfortunately, the shop manual says no. There is not enough space to clear the oil pickup screen to do this. Though, this might be possible if there is enough space to remove the oil pickup once the oil pan is no longer bolted to the engine.
      Best of luck with your project.


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        It has been decades since I worked on that vintage Commander. I seem to remember lifting or removing the engine to do any bottom end work.
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          One could always... look in the shop manual.
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