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    Originally posted by Rerun View Post
    FWIW the MOOG K5196 bushings are available on Amazon for $6.18/pr.
    Before anyone here jumps online to order the K5196s, consider the following: The OEM MOOG upper 'A' arm bushing (K3044) for Studebaker has .688" ID to fit onto the pin shaft nub, and 1.250" OD to fit into the 'A' arm hole. It also has a stepped OD of 1.313", about .225" from the flange, which is a bump stop to keep the flange .225" away from the arm surface, and insure the arm stays centered on the shaft.

    The MOOG K-5196 has .670" ID, which could be reamed to match Studes's .688". Problem is, the OD is 1.390", and cylindrical (no step), so would need to be turned down .140" to fit into the Stude 'A' arm. The deal breaker is, the casing is only .070" thick.

    Pretty sure swvalcon musta got his numbers mixed up, and used some other bushing.
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      Allen I believe the urethane is the only way to go, if wanting bushings that last longer than 5-7 years. I have been using red (urethane) shock bushings for several years now, on Studes and my family's brand 'X' cars when needed. Have never had one crack or crumble, as black rubber ones do. But they do get harder over the years.

      I am comfortable putting urethane lower bushings in any Stude V8, and uppers in all but the 56J. Exception for 56J since they are most prone to the frame cracking where the upper pin bolts to the frame. Have welded patch plates on a couple of 56Js that were broke there, and installed patch plates on a couple of others, as preventive measure. GT Hawks have a factory patch plate in that area, but it is inside the frame, and only visible with the coil spring removed.

      Reading up on urethane bushings, they are apparently available in three levels of firmness, for various applications. Speaking for the lowers (not sure about uppers yet) the problem is, urethanes are only available to fit the Studebaker, without modification, when someone such as yourself, custom makes them. Sure glad you are custom making a few for self and friends.


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        The part number I used is k-5196 I checked as I bought a couple extra sets so I would have them on hand. The center cross shaft fit fine with out any modifications and the bushings fit the upper A arm without anything being done to it or the k5196 bushing. Now maybe at some point someone machined down the shaft to fit the inside of the bushing and enlarged the A arm somewhere in the past but I wouldn't think they would do all that to save a couple dollars. I did have to watch how far I pushed it in because it did not have the step at the outer edge that Joe was talking about. Other than that a straight forward job. Everything is nice an tight and looks to me going to work fine.
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          The Spec Sheets that I have found show the k5196 as .672 shaft size and OD of 1.281 The two upper control arms I did worked although one shaft had a few marks where it had run out against the steel sleeve as they where that worn out. I just cleaned it with a fine file and some emery cloth and it fit into the k5196. I don't know if when you press them in the OD squeeze's by .031 but they seemed to work.