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    Will my 57' Golden Hawk wheel bolt pattern fit a 1948 M-5 pickup truck ?
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    No. Your Hawk has a 5 x 4.5" BP, the same as many Ford and Chrysler products. Stude half-ton trucks since the War have had a 5 x 5" BP, the same as Chevy/GMC trucks.
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      Also Buick,Olds Pontiac, and Caddy full size cars from 50's and 60's.


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        Okay, thank you!
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          I tried the GM wheels on my 55 E5. The center hole was smaller on the GM wheels which did not allow the wheel to seat properly on the brake drum. If left this way the wheel can develop cracks between the stud holes and break. Be very careful if using these wheels.


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            Click image for larger version

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ID:	1810434 Although the bolt pattern for several GM cars was the same as a Studebaker truck, the only wheels I have seen that fit properly are some of the Chevy pickup wheels. You need the ones with the bulge that comes toward the outside of the wheel so it will clear the raised part of the Studebaker drum. I had a friend who ran Buick wheels on his 58 Transtar for years, but one finally failed. My brother has been using Chevy "rally" type wheels for over 35 years. There is also a Chevy wheel that used a hub cap that will fit. S4010004-4_zps33520333.jpg
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