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Ignition Switch Bezel

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  • Ignition: Ignition Switch Bezel

    Don't know if others have had this issue with the ignition bezel rotating in the dash but I have on both my 62 and 63 Hawks. Appears from years of use the keyway that holds the bezel wallers out and won't keep the bezel in place. To fix this issue I purchased a new aluminum bezel from SI with the idea of welding a larger key and filing a new keyway in the dash. As would have it, the new bezel has a pressed in round pin as the key, so I removed this pin and pressed in one that is slightly higher. Then I filed a keyway to match and now the bezel no longer rotates every time I turn the key. Pretty simple fix. Hope this helps other with this same issue.

    Happy Holidays,

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    Thanks for the helpful solution, Jim.
    I've had more than one Studebaker with too much twist in the switch.
    Last thing we want is stressing those stiff old wires under there. [POOF!]
    62 GT


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      A Much better TITLE would really help a lot to help others. The Word: "FIX" "for a Ignition Switch Bezel" would work!
      Second Generation Stude Driver,
      Proud '54 Starliner Owner


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        Sounds good. How about a picture(s) of your handiwork?



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          Thank's Jim i really needed that. now if we could get a decent replacement switch, i have to twist the key so far over to hit that start terminal it becomes uncomfortable! just saying. Thanks , Doofus