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    Grumpy: Ah, yes, Austin, The home of the University where thinking is banned.


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      Originally posted by GrumpyOne View Post

      Well, I live in the Austin metro area so I think that you can guess as to why none of that good ol' stuff is available here...
      Don't wish to engage in a political debate, but local governments usually don't get to have any say in what kind of gasoline is sold there. According to the EPA: "Almost all of the gasoline supplied in the U.S. today contains 10 percent ethanol."

      Ethanol is being added to gas in the US because the Congress required it. So eliminating it will require electing different people to represent us.
      Skip Lackie


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        Around '93 or '94 I attended a farm/estate auction. On the auction was a 1950 Desoto "Carry-All". I guess a fairly rare car. It had been sold new in my hometown in rural MN and was in decent original shape. Early 70's plates on it. They had put a new battery in it and started/ran it to demo before the bidding started. Oh my did that 20yr old gas stink!!! But, the flathead 6 ran on it just fine.

        Few years ago, I tried to get the portable generator on the farm running and it would not fire a shot. The gas was maybe 2yrs old and I'd put stabel in it. It was not E10 either. After draining that out and fresh gas, started right up.

        I need to drive about 25miles to get 100% gas in the area of rural Minnesota where the farm is and there is only 1 station I know of with a "red" pump that is intended for off road equipment (usually boats, etc). So, normally, I bring non-E gas from home (Fargo area) for use in the mowers, etc at the farm as that can end up setting around for months. I've had poor luck using E10 (fresh) in things like chainsaws and weed-whackers. Seems they just won't start/run very well if at all.

        Jeff in ND