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dana 44 rear axle in pre-1953 cars

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  • Rear Axle: dana 44 rear axle in pre-1953 cars

    I was out looking at cars in a junkyard today and I noticed something I have heard rumors about, but never have seen before. A Dana 44 rear axle in a 1951 v8 car, with a t86 with no overdrive. Had a 45/11 tag on it (4.09 ratio). Not sure how rare this was to see? Did they come in a lot of 1951 and 1952 cars?
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    A Dana 44 would have been in the V-8 cars. The 6s used Dana 23 rear ends. The 51-52 rear ends are narrower than the 53-up units.
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      My '51 Commander w/automatic drive has the Dana 44.
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