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1963 Studebaker Lark R3 Supercharger Mounting.

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  • Engine: 1963 Studebaker Lark R3 Supercharger Mounting.

    I was wondering about a certain issue about mounting a supercharger in a '63 Lark. The way the R3's should be mounted is on the side I believe for the '64 model Daytona. I wish to do the same but in a '63 Lark. I have heard that it will not fit due to the radiator being to close and the pulley sticking out too far. I had been told that there was a special piece made for the '64 Daytona that made the radiator able to be moved forward but I am not sure about a '63 Lark. What is the solution?


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    I had an R3 in my Lark in 1970. The right inner fender needed a little massaging with a hammer for supercharger clearance. It all fits without using a fan. An electric fan could be mounted in front of the radiator. I opted to cut out the hood latch area of the grill panel and the latch brace on the hood. This allowed me to mount the radiator on the front flange of the core support channel. I then could use a stock clutch fan. To hold the hood down I used hood pins from a 69 Roadrunner/Super Bee. A friend worked for a dealer and got them for me. Today I wish I would not have done that. When I was 19 it seemed like a good idea.

    james r pepper