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How to remove convertible top creases ?

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  • Body / Glass: How to remove convertible top creases ?

    After i put up my convt>top there are creases on both sides. How do you get to remove them so they are tight once again ?

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    Wait 5 years and the top will shrink. I'm not sure you want to go there---you cannot find a convertible top shop. It would entail pretty much undoing the top from the sail tack srip in the top boot and maybe from the header. If you've not done it before you'll probably have 2 days of toil and wrinkles when you are done. I've done three myself and have never been happy with the results. Altho they keep passengers dry when it rains. Except the Mustang and I'm told they never did. Sunshine does wonders.


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      Try wetting it with water and let it set in the hot sun on a sunny day. Repeat.


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        I've never done it, but I'd explore using a steamer. Just google "portable clothes steamer"


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          My Jeepster has a 30-year-old top on it that has shrunk to the point where I can't attach half the body snaps and the top is so stiff the motor needs a little help to get it moving up. I was able to make it a little better with a hair dryer on a sunny day. I also am careful to never leave the top down overnight.