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64 GT with Chrysler alternator won't charge unless a jumper between FLD and IGN posts on regulator

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  • Electrical: 64 GT with Chrysler alternator won't charge unless a jumper between FLD and IGN posts on regulator

    My 64 Hawk has a brand new alternator and regulator. But it won't charge unless I jump between the IGN and Fld posts on the regulator. I am baffled. I cut open the wiring harness and traced every wire in the charging system and it all seems to check out. What am I missing? I have the bolt on Chrysler alternator that has the same connections as the Prestolite.

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    Sounds like a bad regulator.
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      My '62 GT had a Chrysler alternator on it when I got it too. It worked but marginally ; it just wouldn't charge at a consistant rate. Yes, I know the problem was the regulator, and my regulator could be adjusted, but after a while it just became a nuisance. For me it was both easier and cheaper to replace the Chrysler alternator with a GM internal regulator type one. I did have to install a spacer at the lower mounting bolt and bend the upper arm to clear the external fan, to fit the GM alternator. As to wiring I only needed to splice the existing regulator wires together. A bonus is I no longer need a separate regulator, so less clutter in the engine compartment. The new GM alternator is smaller, and looks better and with it's solid state regulation is far more consistant. It works great!
      Here's the GM vs Chrysler Alt:
      Click image for larger version  Name:	GM alt vs Chrysler alt 2.jpg Views:	0 Size:	66.8 KB ID:	1809624


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        yeah, my vote is for a GM single wire unit.


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          I replaced my original regulator with an original looking solid state unit from ebay. Just type in Mopar-Voltage-Regulator-Electronic-Solid-State


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            Yes, I think you need to use a new solid state regulator. I've never had anything but trouble with Prestolite regulators.


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              It was the regulator. Thanks everyone for the input.