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Seat metal id tag meaning

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  • Seat metal id tag meaning

    Can anyone explain or tell what the difference tag identification. I have a seat cushion for a 55 Commander 2 door delux sedan. I need the rest of the front seat. I found a complete front seat in a 55 champion 2 door sedan in Nebraska. The question is will my seat cushion fit that frame. The metal seat tag attached to the wire frame reads A 311154. The cushion from the champion reads G 311154. The question is will my cushion fit that frame and thus save me the shipping costs. Both tags read "Select O Matic Seat" followed by the number. Do the A and G specify different upholstery?
    Merwin Harstad

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    Most upholstery and interior trim is not listed in the Parts Catalog, a note says call the Plant 8 Warehouse with the Car Model and Serial Number.

    But if both came from 2 door Sedans there "Should" be no problem. The Alpha Codes likely do mean upholstery Style and Color, but there may be no way to be sure about that.
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      Agree with Rich. Those are the part numbers of different parts of the same assembly, so they will fit.
      Skip Lackie