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Does ethanol-free not have that familiar gasoline smell?

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    Thank you for the data about Gasoline vs. Ethanol (E100) vs. Ethanol (E85).
    The Petroleum Refinery Engineer was exactly correct. E100 has 33% less BTU compared to gasoline. E85 has 28% less BTU compared to gasoline.
    The comparison in gallons of fuel makes it even more evident.
    Diesel (1 gallon) = 137,381 BTUs. That amount does not take into account how a diesel engine is more efficient (more miles per gallon).
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      Originally posted by tsenecal View Post
      Just a little side note here. I was looking through a you tube video posted on in the stovehuggers section. It was photos of old gas stations. As I was looking at them, one popped up that had a sign stating: Try Corn Alcohol Fuel, in small letters it said 10%. I guess it has been around longer than I thought. Was it just an experiment back then?