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170 OHV blowing oil

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  • Engine: 170 OHV blowing oil

    I tried to take a trip today with my 61 Champ. The ride ended up riding in the tow truck back home. Starting with full oil on the dip stick. After thirty miles, the engine shut down as I was shifting. Checking the engine I saw that oil had spit out of the breather cap all over the rear of the engine and fire wall. Checking the dip stick, I had to add 1.5 quarts to bring it back full. It has a replacement engine, #26194. My first thoughts are that my rings are shot, allowing engine pressure into the oil pan and then blowing it out the cap. Am I on target?
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    I'm not that familiar with the overhead valve six, but have you checked the crankcase breather? If it has gotten plugged somehow it could create pressure in the crankcase. If it ran fine the last time you drove it, I would not suspect bad rings.


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      There was no mention of the miles on this engine. That's helpful to know, but the Champion is not a long-lived engine in a low-geared truck.

      Good suggestion to check the breather and the road draft tube.

      Don't guess as to ring condition. Do a compression test and a cylinder leakdown test. Both are quick and non-invasive and definitive.

      Also confirm ignition timing. Too much initial and/or total timing will raise cylinder pressure and increase blow-by.

      jack vines



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        Some draft tubes have a curly-kate in the bottom with a cotter pin to hold it they can plug up.


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          How fast were you driving? How long were you driving that fast? Does the truck have overdrive? Have you driven the truck like this before and not had this problem?

          Sometimes folks who are new to Champ trucks, or to old cars in general drive them faster and longer than the car is happy with. Not trying to be insulting, just trying to gauge the conditions that caused the problem.
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            What they said. They very first start up my 64 Hawk blew out a quart in 20 min. The pcv valve must have been stuck 'cause it quit when I removed it. You probably don't have one but a clogged breather tube would do just what you described. Most problems have simple solutions. You do not want to rebuild or replace a motor if all you needed to do was pull that Chore Girl stuff out of the end of the breather. Take cap off start engine and hold hand over hole. If you feel pressure the breather is not functioning. Is the oil draining back down out of rocker arms? If drain back is clogged the oil's got to go some where. That would be an easy fix , too