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1930 Commander 8 carburetor

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  • Fuel System: 1930 Commander 8 carburetor

    I'm working on a 1930 Commander 8. In a few weeks I will be installing a Stromberg UUR-2 updraft carburetor. The car currently has a Tillotson updraft on it. The problem I have is I'm not sure what the throttle linkage should look like coming around the backside of the engine block to the intake manifold. I would appreciate it someone could email some pics on how the linkage runs or maybe someplace where I can purchase the throttle linkage. Your help would be greatly appreciated.
    George Rifford
    913-314-3313 cell

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    Welcome! Sounds like a cool car. We like pictures! You may have better luck asking over at the Studebaker page on the AACA website. More pre-war experts hang out there.



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      George, just curious why you chose to use the very expensive and much sot after UUR2? It just seems to me that you would be inclined to rebuild the one on the car, or find the right UX2, or the older OX2, and sell the UUR2.


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        Hello, thanks for responding. This car was built in Canada. Originally the car had a Stromberg SFM-3 updraft on it. It was accidentally dropped and damaged beyond repair. A Tillotson JR2-A was substituted, but it just doesn't have the power we need for this car. I thought I would mention that I have complete drawings of the parts for a 1930 Commander 8. Very nice hand, very detailed drawings. If you know of someone restoring a Commander, these could be very helpful. Please feel free to contact me.


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          1932 Commander: