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is the August 2008 article on "valve adjustment procedure" available as a link?

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  • Engine: is the August 2008 article on "valve adjustment procedure" available as a link?

    Hi! I'm finally at the point of "wrapping up" my chassis restoration ('57 Golden Hawk). Mounted the rebuilt starter, all that's left is the NOS distributor and timing my valves (that have sat since rebuild, uncompressed, for 4 years now :-( I was searching old posts, and saw this: "If you-all can hang tight, the August 2008 Turning Wheels Co-Operator is featuring (reprinting) a detailed Dwain Grindinger cold valve adjustment procedure with degree wheel, etc. BP"

    Unfortunately, my father-in-law stopped his membership in 1999, and I bought my Hawk in 2010, so 10 year gap in Turning Wheels and I don't have the 2008 series. Is there another link to this article, 11 years later, or perhaps reprinted AGAIN in the Co-Operator since then? Sounds like just what I need, with rebuilt engine, new distributor, everything from scratch.... :-) Thanks!!!

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    These articles were originally written about 1980 for the Tacoma Chapter newsletter. I thought they were on Bob Johnstone's site but didn't find them, so here is a scan you can copy. Look on Bob's site for alternative valve adjusting procedures....
    Click image for larger version

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    So.....if I'm 'pre-approved' why do you want me to fill out an application?


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      Originally posted by Dwain G. View Post
      I thought they were on Bob Johnstone's site.....
      .......... The one regarding TDC is, but the other wasn't..... But it is now, thanks
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        Thanks guys!! As always, wouldn't have a prayer of getting my Hawk restored without all of your kindly help!!


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          Let me also take this opportunity to mention that SDC Members can purchase the Turning Wheels Digital Library on a USB stick, which includes every issue of TW, including the Co-Operator columns, from 1972 through 2017 with the invaluable Turning Wheels Index! Just go to the SDC Home Page and log into the Member Area to get to the members' store. It's well worth the money

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            After reading said procedure I find it more wordy than necessary, I have adjusted many engines and it is as simple as finding #1 TDC then adjust that pair, then repeat for (on an 8 cyl) #8, 4, 3, 6, 5, 7, 2. You can easily see that the piston is TDC when both push rods are relaxed and down. The use of a light is not necessary and I don't agree that the light comes on when the points just open, that is when the ignition fires and the light comes when the points close there is a slight difference. During the time the points are closed current is flowing and filling up the capacitor and when they open the capacitor dumps its load along with the regular current and jumps the gap when the points sending a bunch of power to the coil where it is converted to 12000 wolts. It is important that the engine is in the correct position with both push rods down and the valves relaxed is a sure thing and it is simple. I showed this method to my 16 year old grandson who has never done an engine before and he completed the procedure flawlessly.


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              You also mentioned "timing your valves" I don't think this can be done as the valve timing is fixed and non adjustable. There is however on some high end cars offset keys available for the valve timing gears but I don't think they are available for Studebakers.