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  • Steering: power steering pump

    I can move the pulley on my power steering pump in and out about 1/16 inch. There is no side to side play, however. I'm just wondering if this is normal or an indication of a problem with a bearing or something else. The car is a 55 President. Thanks.

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    With the Eaton pumps, that is pretty normal.
    I have had a good dozen apart. There is typically little wear in them.
    '64 R2 back on da road again


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      Not sure about that on a Saginaw Pump, the '53 to '57 Studes and '57 & '58 Packards have Saginaw, not Eaton.

      It is best to consult the Shop Manual.
      Second Generation Stude Driver,
      Proud '54 Starliner Owner


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        If it works and it doesn't leak, forget about it.


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          Thanks to those who answered my post. Just got the car on the road after 30+ year storage, and the first few short runs [40 =/- miles], there were no problems. Took it for another run a few weeks ago, and there was a rapping from under the hood that had me thinking engine at first. On closer check, it is coming from the p/s pump. That is when I noticed the end play & wondered if it is normal. I'm going to flush out the pump in case there is dirt or hardened fluid, etc. from all those years of sitting. I didn't do anything to the pump on the rebuild of the car, except add some trans. fluid. Haven't had a chance to do any farther checking since posting the original post.