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1952 C cab dashboard - removable?

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  • Body / Glass: 1952 C cab dashboard - removable?

    Wondering if the dash board of the 1952 C cab truck is removable or is it welded to the cab ? thanks, Steadybreaker

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    It is welded panel integral to the cab.



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      I think it is welded to the cab. When I did the frame off I seem to remember that being the case.


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        yes, it's welded. The instrument panel where the gauges are is removable, but the dash is not.
        What's your intention? replacement of a rusted piece, rodding, covering?
        let us know there may be some guidance for you.


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          Post moved and title amended - please put technical posts in the Tech Talk, and make sure your title is descriptive! Thanks.

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            Thank you all for the response to the c cab question about the dash board being welded or not, i want to replace the beaded section where the radio should be as mine has been cut for a radio but i just want it without thanks for any suggestions, anyone know if that piece is repoped by anyone .Steadybreaker


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              I doubt it -- the market would be very small. If anyone makes it, Classic Enterprises would be the most likely. Your best bet might be to buy one of the radio installation kits, which come with a plate to cover that hole. You could even buy the correct radio and get it converted to modern electronics. Please be aware that there were several different 49-56 truck installation kits, each matched to fit the car radio from that year.
              Skip Lackie


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                I spotted mine back in a few years back, and later removed it after getting the correct radio install kit.

                you can rob one from another truck. it's made like an electrical knock out plug, so there are a few tabs you have to cut thru on the side.
                I slipped a metal hacksaw blade in between them and slowly cut just the tab.
                Then mig welded it on the back side where the tabs were, cleaned up and painted the dash.