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8E5 Headlights do not work

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  • Electrical: 8E5 Headlights do not work

    We are putting our 1964 Champ back together and while testing the lights we found the headlights don't work and the high beam indicator does not go off while activating the high beam switch , The bed is not on the truck yet but the front parking lights work fine , Also does anyone have a good wiring diagram for a 8E5. The one in the shop manual is listed for 4E5 and there are differences in my truck wiring even though the manual is for a 8E5 and it is unmolested , Thanks , Ed P.S before we took the truck apart the lights worked fine, Ed

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    If you have page 4 in wiring diagrams, that's what we have to work with. They could have titled it '5E' instead of 'after 4E'.
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      When you say you took the Truck apart, the FIRST thing that comes to my mind is GROUNDS!

      If you painted any parts that were to make the bare metal to metal Ground, that WILL do it.
      The sealed Beam is grounded to the Headlight Bucket, but it depends on a connection to the Front Grille Panel.

      It sounds like you may have a bad dimmer switch or poor/dirty/corroded connections to it.
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        +1 on what StudeRich said. Check that dimmer and see if it's changing over and check the grounds.


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          My bet is the dimmer is bad.
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            Well Guys it was bad grounds and a dimmer switch that worked when it wanted to , After cleaning the grounds on the headlight buckets I felt the headlights could be brighter so I ran a ground wire from the engine block to radiator saddle and that helped a lot , Thanks , Ed


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              Replace that dimmer before it quits entirely, or retires.