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1/2 ton - C-cab - front springs

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  • Frame / Springs: 1/2 ton - C-cab - front springs

    Quick question about front leaf spring question.

    Have a family member working of a 1950 2R5 and had a question about front leaf springs.

    Back in the '60s, my dad and Uncle pulled the original engine and tranny and put in a 259/FOM from a rolled '60 Lark. Over the years, those front leaf springs have gotten to where there is not a lot of up and down so he want to replace them.

    Question - did Studebaker still use the same bushings/mounting points on the later V8 1/2 ton trucks as they did with the 2Rs? If so, we could just order a pair of springs for a '56 or so and they will bolt up similar to the originals.

    This was the truck 20 years ago - has not changed since then.

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    I believe so...


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      I wanna say yes, but someone with a parts book might need to confirm. get new bushings while you're at it.
      and check the shackles. i had to cut the "bolts" on mine, make new holes and replace them with regular bolts that I welded in place after confirming they worked.


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        My truck uses the heavy duty 11 leaf springs. It handles fine with a V-8. I do hope to get it a little lower when I swap a 1/2 ton rear in back into it.
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          The parts book shows the same bushings for 1/2 ton PUs from 1949-1956.