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1962 Hawk Rear Spring Installation

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  • Frame/Springs: 1962 Hawk Rear Spring Installation

    In my Hawk rebuild I replaced all springs. I noticed that the forward end of the leaf springs have worked their way such that each now rests against the inner part of the car frame. I had them centrally located and now see that they have a mind of their own. What might I do to get them hanging properly? a function of placement at the axle/u-bolts? chet445

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    You will never get them centered. There was an Avanti fix that I have been using for years, but you will play hell trying to get them centered.


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      I kind of figured that but was hopeful that someone had the experience and solved the problem. I intend then to just make hard rubber washers and poke in to eliminate the noise from their rubbing.


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        The Avanti fix is in AOIA News Letter #9 Spring 1967 pages 5-6. I used UHMW plastic bar stock and machined my own bushes and used stainless steel sleeves that I machined up to space each hanger bracket so they didn't squeak.


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          It is due to what in my opinion is a bad bushing design. I replaced the bushings on my '62 with Delrin bushings I made, (I assume much like the Avanti fix above). They work great, and stop the rear of the car from "wallowing", shifting left and right over the axle.
          Click image for larger version

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          Here are my new bushings, next to the factory ones:
          Click image for larger version

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            bensherb, where can I obtain the bushings you have shown in the picture? If others have the same problem then it would be beneficial to all. chet


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              bensherb I sent you a PM!


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                I removed my 63 GT Hawk gas tank and am currently looking at re-bushing my rear springs. I was looking at the same problem presented in this topic and would like to obtain a set of Delrin bushings as pictured in your post.
                I have already re-bushed the front end A-frames and am very impressed with how much better the Delrin bushings work in that application.
                I will send a PM to you.