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EPAS Update

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    I'll get back to you tomorrow, I need to verify that I cut the input shaft. Brain fart! Bill


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      5brown1 - The input shaft has a pressed on column housing which can easily be removed. The shaft itself can then be shortened almost to the to the EPAS housing.


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        I can't find my written notes on my procedure but I did locate the cut-off pieces. The input shaft I removed 6" from where the steering wheel mounts towards the EPAS unit. The shaft protecting tube (or column housing as per Tony above) I removed 3 1/2" from top of piece towards the EPAS unit. That left me with the end of the input shaft inside the protective column housing. The spline on the remaining input shaft was adapted to the Borgeson adapter welded onto the column shaft. Those spline measured at 11/16" o.d. by I believe 36 teeth (they may have been 32 teeth ) per poor memory. When I am able to do some work (once the doctors release me) I'll pull it all apart and remeasure all the dimensions. For those wanting the info, I removed 6 1/2" from the Camaro column. Also, before I did any cuttting I removed all the factory brackets and mounts on both the Camaro column and the Prius EPAS unit. Bill