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Hub Puller for rear brakes 1950 Champion

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  • Rear Axle: Hub Puller for rear brakes 1950 Champion

    Hi - can anyone point me to a source for a hub puller for the rear brakes? another post suggested J-1644-B or J-1644-Sbut i can not find a there an alternative easily available? will this universal one work?!95123!US!-1 Patrick

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    Amazon has them:
    Cal-Van Tools 94800 Hub Puller $74. The side hammer type didn't work for me. You may find an auto parts store that will rent or loan them.


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      Call Russ @, He bought out Chuck Collins, and the one Chuck made up is FANTASTIC! I used one on a Packard hawk, and had both drums off in less then 10 minutes! I already had the wheels off.
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        You guys might be missing the OP's point. He has a hub with FOUR studs. A three legged puller will not pull a four lug hub. It will tilt sideways. A three legged puller needs a triangular base stud pattern wherein any side of the triangle does not pass through the center of the hub.

        When I needed to pull my four lug Rambler hubs, I had a heavy steel adapter plate made with four holes for the Rambler hub and three studs for the puller.

        You can also use the round puller that Studebaker used, instead of the three legged puller that is commonly found nowadays.
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 does have the four-stud pullers for rent or sale.


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            There are the 3 legged style that the legs slide around. Some of those can be made 4 leggers if you can find the 4th leg.


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              In my earlier days when I had nothing I had to get the job done so I fabricated a chain around a crankshaft and attached it to the drum or hub with bolts and swung the crankshaft as hard as I could and wamo the drum was off, it wasn't pretty but it worked.


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                kinda the same way I pulled the fender off the door on the '57 I had before I replaced the front fender. .... Chain to a tree and back up fast. Whammo


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                  Might end up with axle damage with out proper puller, but its your car.


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                    I used just 2 arms of puller on 49 hub, balanced pull but got it.


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                      I borrowed a puller from O'Reillys for free.


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                        You can try using 2 arms with the 3-arm puller but that is dicey because it will want to tilt. Better to buy an extra arm, they are available. I got lucky and found a military surplus jeep hub puller on e-Bay with 4 arms. None of the parts stores around here have the right puller.

                        Extra leg source: