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1928 Rim question

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  • Wheels: 1928 Rim question

    Has anyone ever broke this type rim down and changed the tire?

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    Take it to a good tire dealer, that is familiar with mounting truck tires.


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      Yes, I have lots of time doing those kinds of rims (on a 1925 Buick). Your best bet is to search out and purchase the correct "rim tool" for mounting and demounting the tire. I have completed the job using expanding car jacks, but you can bend the rim if too much pressure is applied (ask me how I know). Ebay and (really) old car swap meets are your best bet to find the tool, that not all the rare. It's a pain of a job, so don't skimp and make sure to buy and install new tubes .. and tube guards as well.


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        thanks all. I bought new flaps tubes and tires


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          Do you have a picture of one? I googled Studebaker tire tool and no luck.


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            its probably not a studebaker specific item. Ask around for the folks who work on really old stuff.
            also, there's a pre-war specific studebaker bunch. You should contact them as well.

            Their magazine is the Antique Studebaker Review, but I don't know the name of the specific club. I just know they exist, as my bucket list has a prewar car on it.


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              Just google "1920s era rim tool". There are a lot of good pictures of the tool you should be looking for. They are not brand specific, a lot of the cars in that era used the same or similar demountable rims. There is one on Ebay right now.