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Painting Disk Wheels

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  • Wheels: Painting Disk Wheels

    As of two days ago I am the owner of a very, very original 1922 Stude Big Six Speedster. It has six disk wheels (two side mounts) that are painted in red primer (see photo). Knowing I want to finish painting them black to match the car, question is does anyone has suggestions on the type of paint and finish (flat, semigloss, gloss) that I should go with for a certain level of originality? Should I clear coat them? The primer is in good condition and I know I'd have to prep the primer (roughen it up).
    (As an aside, I believe disk wheels were in general an option back then, anybody know if they would have been standard on a Big Six Speedster?)

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    What paint is on the body?


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      The original paint from '22. Somewhat faded and oxidized but I am carefully bringing it back. I'll have to look up what the original paint was.


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        Are you certain the red paint currently on your wheels is primer. Since your body paint is original (faded and oxidized), could you be seeing original red finish paint (faded and oxidized) on your wheels? John


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          It's primer as the fella I bought it from told me he had the wheels stripped and painted with a primer.