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56 Hawk Water Temp Sender Info Needed

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  • Speedo / Tach / Gauges: 56 Hawk Water Temp Sender Info Needed

    I need to change the water temp sender in my Sky Hawk, but its a real bear to get to. However, there is a block off plate on the rear of the passenger side cylinder head, which is identical to the one which holds the sender on the driver side head. This is MUCH easier to get to. Not wanting to pay $30 for the mounting plate for a sender, I'm going to drill/tap the blank driver side plate and install a new sender. What I need to know is what the thread size is for the sender. I assume it is a NPT size...anyone know what it is?

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    My stock one was 1/4"NPT, Both (I have two) I currently have installed are 1/8"NPT. If you're not one to freak out over it being absolutely stock, you can very easily install it in the water manifold. There are 3/8"NPT bosses on it's top, adapter "bushings" are available. I have noticed some are not drilled and tapped on the drivers side, it's easy to do though if you have the tools.
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      bensherb - I don't have anything like that on mine...56 289....


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        Sorry, I don't know all the idiosyncrasies from year to year. I just have a bunch of parts that are from either '53, '56, or '61 thru '64. I've never been concerned with factory originality, so it's all a jumble. The '61 was a Lark, so some of those parts are easier to discern.


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          As mentioned above it is 1/4 pipe, you probably already know but don't all the way through with the tap only far enough to make a good taper fit. I am playing with the same thing but I am changing mine over to a 6 volt unit with a 1/2 pipe thread. You will need a 7/16 drill bit. Click image for larger version

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