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2R5 Steering Wheel removal

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  • Interior: 2R5 Steering Wheel removal

    Help. I bought a ‘49 2R5 and am having a terrible time trying to remove so I can restore it without breaking it!
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    First, you have posted this in the wrong section of the forum, so don't be surprised if this gets moved to the technical section.

    Second, you will have to use a bearing puller or some such tool that will pull on the back side of the two cross arms, as close to the steering column as possible. Use masking tape or thin pieces of wood to prevent damage to the wheel. Loosen the center nut, but leave it on the end of the shaft so you have something to push against. Then put a junk socket between the puller and the nut. You can tap it back in place if things get out of line.
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      We have successfully used a bearing splitter under the wheel with a two arm puller. You can sometimes borrow these from an auto parts store.
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