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Repairing dash on ‘57 hawk

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  • Interior: Repairing dash on ‘57 hawk

    How does one get the knobs off the heat/cool control sliders? Click image for larger version  Name:	IMG_20190927_102246848.jpg Views:	43 Size:	82.1 KB ID:	1804207
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    Pull hard, they are just friction fitted, at least that has been my experience in disassembling two Hawk dash boards. Good luck. I ruined most of the heater/defrost/light switches trying to get the little "nuts" off plus the switches didn't age very well.


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      Yes, mine pulled straight off. A small heel bar, or two, with some padding, should pop them off. Several vendors sell the tool for the nuts, and replacement nuts are available. If you can save the old switches, and clean them up, I believe that they are much better quality than the repops.


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        Thanks guys. I did destroy one of the switches. Where can I get replacements?


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          I used Studebaker They have most switches, and the ones I ordered were NOS. They are in Arizona, so a little quicker for us west coast people.


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            It looks the same as the ones in my '62GT, and my GT ones do not "just pull off" unless you've destroyed their retainer clip. Inside the knob there is a spring clip that does just slide ON, but then locks into a groove in the switch lever. Once you figure them out they come off real easy. On the back surface of the knob (hidden by it) there is a tab that you move to release the knob, I just don't remember if you move it tward the switch lever or away from it (up or down). It doesn't move far and the knob slides right off.