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Is something missing on this Avanti 4-speed shift lever/knob?

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    Interesting. The parts book under 0751-5 in the Avanti parts manual shows no lock nut. The 59-64 parts manual shows a lock nut for 61V only. A lock nut would not look out of place in this situation.
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      My ‘63 shift lever is threaded 5/16 - 18, but is threaded all the way down to where the shaft goes to full size. It’s hard to see in this photo, but the bottom threads look a little different, like some previous owner of the car took a die to the shaft and continued the 5/16 - 18 until the die would go no more. That allows use of a jam nut to align the shift pattern, or screw the ball all the way down to where the gap doesn’t show. Just remember when you park at a show to twist the ball to make it look like Studebaker knew what they were doing.

      Apparently I can only upload one picture. I took a picture of the ball on the shaft, but it won’t upload.



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        Originally posted by Pete R View Post
        The ball is fully threaded and hollow in the middle, but it will only thread onto the lever as far as the lever is threaded. As you can see, the lever is not fully threaded. The Hurst jam nut would work, but the Studebaker lever is threaded 5/16-18 and the Hurst nut is 3/8-16. I'm really curious to hear from others who have a stock Studebaker lever to see if their setup has the same gap that mine does.
        Mine '63 has no lock nut, and no threads showing. The ball measures just under 1 1/2" diameter (old, probably shrunk)
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