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Overdrive wiring

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  • Transmission / Overdrive: Overdrive wiring

    I'm finishing up my 63 Champ and am wiring the Overdrive circuit. Seems to be several schematics both with and without a relay. The main issue I'm having is mine has a Shift Rail "Lockout" switch between the Governor and Kickdown switch. Not sure what it is for or if I should just bypass it.


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    My 8E5 has that switch and it is not used , Ed


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      Relays were not used after 1957. The lockout switch was eliminated during the 1955 model year, so you must have an older transmission.


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        It is a REVERSE Lockout Switch, if you do not plan on going 32 Miles per hour in Reverse in Overdrive, I don't think you will ever need it!

        What Engine does your Champ have?
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          My 8E5 Champ was not factory equipped with OD. Previous owner installed OD but didn't bother to wire it or to even install proper accelerator linkage. When I finally secured necessary parts I used wiring diagram shown on page 4 of wiring diagrams in the 2E through 8E Truck Shop Manual.


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            Overdrive will not turn in reverse when engaged, has a one way clutch.


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              It has a 170 straight 6 with 455 rear so it needs OD. Not sure what the PO did but I have to re-wire OD from scratch. I have yet to find a diagram that doesn't include a relay or a diagram of the relay itself. Does anyone have a OD diagram that doesn't show a relay? Maybe one that shows the internals of the relay.


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                This is one I used. I printed the diagram and then used colored pencils to highlight the wires I needed.
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                  Here's my diagram:Click image for larger version

Name:	OVERDRIVE DIAGRAM clean my 62 GT rev3-2.jpg
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Size:	63.4 KB
ID:	1803615


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                    OK, following those diagrams, this one from Borg-Warner seems like a simplified version. The relay is simply breaking positive power to the solenoid so there isn't 24/7 power to it.
                    Click image for larger version

Name:	Overdrive Wiring.jpg
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