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    I would like to be able to spin the whole car including the motor sideways both ways, perhaps mounting on to the bolt pattern. I have a few cars I would like to clean up underneath, and when I do this on my hoist all the garbage falls in my face.

    Is there a good, ready to buy, universal rotisserie anyone can recommend?

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    Maybe I'm missing something? I have seen a rotisserie used for restorations, but never a complete driving car? To rotate a complete car, you would have to empty the gas tank, drain the oil and probably the radiator. I know of no rotisserie set up that would handle a complete assembled car?

    I wish I had a hoist/lift for my vehicles. Now that I'm into my mid 70's, I'm discovering that crawling around under my vehicles on jack stands with wrenches & grease guns ain't as much fun as it used to be. Most of mine are pretty oily under there. I'm afraid that if I cleaned them up...they'd just rust away! If I were really going to clean them thoroughly, and had a lift...I'd just hire a younger guy who needs the money. Give him a pair of Tyvek disposable coveralls, face shield, and pay him to let the garbage fall in his face! While he's working, you just set up your supervisor's chair nearby and point out what he's missed.

    Sorry if my post does not address your Rotisserie question...but I noticed that after three hours...nobody else had commented.
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      Sounds like maybe you are looking for a car tilter instead of a rotisserie. Search on Google for 'car tilter'.

      I tried to post a link to an example, but for some reason I can't add a link from my phone on the new forum.
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        Thank you...

        I looked up car tilter. It seems to rock car from front to back. Don't like that.

        In the UK they sell a car roller that rolls a car onto its side by bolting an adapter onto two wheels then rolling it sideways to 90 degrees. Done in 15 minutes.


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          The front to back one was one of them I saw, but didn't think that's what you wanted. There are several brands that roll the car up on its side, but as several noted all the fluids would really need to be removed (including rear axle lube). Here is one I found when looking at 'car tilter'. At one time Eastwood sold these, don't know if they still do or not:
          MUST BE PICKED UP IN PHOENIX ARIZONA. ails about pick up.
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            These guys make an excellent unit:



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              Its not the greatest video, but I've built three cars on my home built wooden rotisserie.


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                Not kidding, are there plans for that?
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