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'49 2R10 Heat Riser

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  • Exhaust: '49 2R10 Heat Riser

    When I purchased my truck in June the heat riser was wired open all the time. After putting about 400 miles on it in August I found a large leak from the gasket on the manifold where the heat riser is. I have ordered the gasket and will be taking the unit out next week. My question is if I should keep the heat riser or just gut it and cover the openings? With a manual choke and not planning on driving it at temps lower than 50 degrees, is the heat riser necessary? As a newbie I appreciate all the information I have gathered from the SDC forum.

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    The heat riser has no effect on the automatic choke, it has it's own furnace. Yes you can remove the heat riser, its function is to assist atomizing the fuel, but in normally warm temperatures there will be no issues except for some minor coughing and spitting when cold. I myself would try to restore it as I like things as close to original as possible. Each to his/her own.


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      Thanks altair for the response. The whole system is moving freely , looks like I'll have to order a spring though. Maybe that is why they had wired it open to begin with. Thanks again for your input.


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        With out a spring the exhaust pressure would hold it open on its own, the spring counters the exhaust pressure during warm up only. Once hot, the exhaust forces it open and the spring does nothing.