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  • Ignition: Alternator Addition

    Since the generator on my 1956 POWER HAWK gave up the ghost on the way back from Mansfield, it's time to convert to an alternator. What is the most commonly used alternanor for this swap? I plan on using a 100 amp version.

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    Well I have a 65 amp unit from Fifth Ave Automotive, output starts at 300 rpm. Price greatly reduced from new. It was on a 51 Landcruiser very briefly that I converted back to 6V. Tim 678-773-5764


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      I'm not sure what is "most common", but the mid 70's- mid 80's GM one wire is the easiest to retrofit. My GT had a Chrysler alternater until last week. It couldn't keep up with demand from my fans, headlights and AC simaltaniously so I replaced it with the GM one wire unit (100amp). I did rework the mounting brackets so the belt would line up correctly, but wiring is simple, just be sure the thing is grounded and run a wire from the "batt" terminal to the battery.