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Lark 2DR / 4DR Front Floor Different or Same?

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  • Body / Glass: Lark 2DR / 4DR Front Floor Different or Same?

    I am looking at restoring a 63 Daytona convertible but the lower cowl is toasty, the windshield frame and header are fine. The guy I am getting it from has a very solid 4DR for sale on the cheap. I have "front clipped" a few cars in the day, cutting high on the "A" pillar and across the floor at a seam or where it made sense ahead of the "B" pillar. Put the two together with a new outer rocker to hide the "splice" and add strength. Not hard, just time consuming with the disassembly. The parts books do not show the floors as a service part so I have no source for info. I know the 4DR and wagons are 4" longer. I "assume" the Lark / Daytona / Cruiser floors have are the same at least up to the post
    between the front and rear doors. Can anyone confirm this?

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    I just can't comprehend exactly what part of the 4 Door you plan to use.
    I don't have a Convertible and a 4 Door Floor on top of each other to prove where they defer, but I do know that with the longer Front Doors on a 2 Door the "B" Pillar moves back making the "B" Pillar cutout in the floor wrong and needing patching and moving for the H/T & Convert. "B" Pillar stiffener.

    But since you have the experience and a Torch, I do not see any reason why you can't cut the 4 Door floor out and use at least the front part, a Convertible will be quite different in the back seat area than a 2 Door or a 4 Door Sedan so more "Fabbing" will be required.

    I am sure you know the Best Parts Car for a Convertible is always a 2 Door Hardtop, very much preferred.
    I have 3 of them here but likely WAY too far from you.
    Second Generation Stude Driver,
    Proud '54 Starliner Owner


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      The rear half and the "convertible" unique parts seem to be in fair to good condition. I agree a 2DRHT would be the best way to start but condition, cost and distance are always a factor. What is the condition and price of the hard tops you have? This would be useful to know in evaluating which way to do the car.