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  • Body / Glass: classic enterprise rockers

    Hello All,

    I am deep into a restoration on my 51 starlight coupe. I have a pair of rocker panels from classic enterprises and cannot get them on the car. The original rockers are curved front to back and also have a slight twist and the reproductions are straight as an arrow. Has anyone had success installing these panels? And if so how. Thank you!


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    I have not used their rockers, but was wondering if their website has contact info, or tech service of some sort. They might know best how to help you.


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      I installed one of their rockers on Dad's 50 Champion. Their rocker is better than starting from a flat piece of sheet metal, but it needs a lot of work to fit. I cut some slits in the weather strip channel at the top of the rocker to allow it bow a bit to match up with the car better. Once installed I welded the slits back up and ground them smooth.

      Good Luck
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        Did you purchase these rocker panels from Classic Enterprises within the last couple of years? I ask because they have improved the form and fit of some panels within the last few years. Whether or not they improved the 1951 rocker panels is unknown to me.
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          Their panels have a reputation for not being exact replicas. I have heard many complaints, but they are better than starting from scratch.
          One of our members asked if a panel was available without a bend that made it hard to slide on and the person he talked to got angry.
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            Like he said. They are what's out there and they'll likely fit with some cutting and coersion. If you've had them a while they may not fit as well as their newer ones.


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              Thank you for the responses. I wish I had asked before buying but that’s on me. I bought them almost three years ago but only tried to install them last week and classic has not been helpful at all.


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                10 years ago I bought rockers and complete trunk pans for my Golden Hawk with panels working really well and with little adjustments.

                Classic Enterprises is now under new management and it maybe the new owners don’t wish to accept a liability ($’s) from the previous owner...


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                  I ordered a pair for the frame off on my Avanti R2. The fit was fair to good, the body shop needed a few additional hours to correct them. My shop used a better glue than what was supplied. I also ordered a set of hood stiffeners, they too needed extra hours to correct. During the next restoration on my 63 and 64 GT Hawks, my guy designed his own that fit perfectly and worked better.
                  I would call them and speak with an owner, let him know what some of the reports were on our website and remind him that most of us check within our community of Studebaker owners and customer service is paramount to continued sucess
                  best of luck


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                    Their stuff seems to be getting better. I 've found floor and trunk panels are a better fit if I make them myself. Just installed rockers from Classic on my Clipper (how do the get so banged up?) and it went reasonably well. Some fitting was required but the price was reasonable and the final result is nice. I can understand them not wanting to replace 3 year old panels. Hood stiffeners; better to fit your own. The spot welds pop loose and the hinges get rusty and stiff causing that nasty crease in the corner. All in all Classic is helpful . Customer support is critical to any business!