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    How do you separate (and most importantly reinstall) the chrome air intake slots below the headlights on my Hawk. I need to get them rechromed. Thanks in advance. Click image for larger version

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    They should have a row of small flat headed screws around the back of the insert. Mine were badly corroded,( metal screws in potmetal), and I had a few of them break off. Good luck with it.


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      Mine seem to be fixed by rolled over metal of some sort. guess it could be corrosion, I'll look again. Thanks for the response


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        On several different Hawks, I cut off the rivet heads, pulled off the sheet metal, and drilled out the rivets and tapped the holes.
        A real pita, as you have to be very careful to not drill too deep (through). Tapping took two taps, a regular tap to start and then a home made bottoming tap to finish. A couple of holes took a real short sheet metal screw.
        I am sure that there might be some twist rivets that would work, but this was done in an afternoon...

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          I've disassembled three Hawks and a 53 Coupe, I found that an acetylene torch (using a welding tip to concentrate the heat) on each of the fasteners made an impossible job a little easier, an old blacksmith one time said to use heat and lubrication to loosen tight fasteners


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            I did mine just a Jeff described. It is a tedious job, but it can be done. When drilling your holes to tap, be sure to keep your drill in proper alignment with the original boss and as Jeff said, don't go too deep. Good Luck.
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