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63 Hawk rear brakes locking after brake job

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  • Brakes: 63 Hawk rear brakes locking after brake job

    Trying to get brakes in shape. 63 Hawk, was disk brake from the factory. For some reason a previous owner switched out the front disk brakes for 70 ford falcon disks and the rear 11 drums remain but the drum was moded to be a loose 1/2 ton dodge drum. All that said, put new rotors /pads on front and turned drums, replaced pads in back. Rear tires spin freely on lift, but they (rear brakes) engage after driving some. Have the stock, not functioning well, brake booster. Thoughts

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    If the fronts are working OK, I'd start by giving the rears just a tad more clearance. Sometimes, if adjusted slightly too tight, they will drag just enough to cause them to heat up a few miles down the road. As they begin to heat up, a vicious cycle begins, and makes them hotter & hotter, thus tighter & tighter till the point of lockup.

    If it has the correct HV, it should now stop the car with minimum pressure on the pedal. If not, there are several possibilities as to why not: wrong HV (drum type instead of disc type), restricted rubber hoses coming in & out of the HV, the MC rod too tightly adjusted, etc..


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      Check the MC pushrod length. Usually you see application on front and rears at the same time with heat, but, every case is different.
      Ron Dame
      '63 Champ


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        Ok just to follow-up. Turns out the issue was with the front--not rear. Also turns out that at some point someone had done a turner disc brake conversion up front (which is good news) and subsequently replaced the rotors with the wrong ones. Called turner today, now have correct bearings and rotors inbound..... Thanks for advice. Will follow up if this actually works!