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Is there a difference between Lark & Champ wheels?

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  • Wheels: Is there a difference between Lark & Champ wheels?

    I recently purchased a 60 Lark Convertible that came with Mopar steel wheels. I like the wheels, but my stock Lark dog dish hubcaps won't fit.

    I have a chance to buy a set of stock steel wheels from a Champ. Is there any meaningful difference between Champ wheels and Lark wheels?



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    Welcome to the SDC and to the SDC Forum Jessie!

    Truck Wheels will not fit 1951 to 1966 Cars, your Car wheels have a 4 1/2 Inch Bolt Pattern, Trucks are not.
    Your Lark Hub Caps will not fit Truck Wheels either.

    Many Chrysler Wheels have the "humps" on each side of the Valve stem to stop Wheel Covers from turning and I would definitely keep them and use the better looking Stude. Wheel Covers. Many very nice styles available, including: 1953-'55, '63-'64 Avanti, '62 Hawk, '64 Hawk/Lark Type..
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      The Champ wheels have a bigger bolt circle, 5 inch, where as the Lark are 4 1/2. Those using 4 1/2 Mopar, Ford., none of those will fit your dog dish hubcaps. Lou Cote


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        Trucks are5x5. Some Chevy half ton wheels will fit. It depends on if the Chevy wheel will fit the brake drums
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          Thanks for all your replies. I went out to see the wheels and they were neither Champ nor Lark wheels. They were 5 x 4.5, but of "unknown origin."


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            IF they were 4 1/2" Wide, they could be the common, Stock Studebaker (Budd Corp.) Wheels used on 1959 to 1965 and most '66 Studebaker Cars of all models.

            The 4 1/2 Inch Wide 15 Inch wheels were not used on very many Fords or MoPars of the same Vintage if any, just Rambler and Studebaker.
            Second Generation Stude Driver,
            Proud '54 Starliner Owner


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              Just saw this post now while surfing the forum I have 4 wheels off a '60 Lark convertible and 4 off a'62 Hawk. I would give them to you but it's a long way to California!
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