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  • Custom Auto Sound Issues

    Has anyone had problems obtaining warranty coverage from Custom Auto Sound. The radio I purchased from them suddenly quit so I removed it and inspected both the radio, the speaker right by the radio, and the surrounding area for possible failure causes. I found none. Custom Auto claimed that the failure was due to water damage yet we hadn't had rain for over a month prior to the failure. There was no trace of water in the speaker or on the radio. When they returned the radio the paper label was buckled yet it went to them without this damage. The radio was mounted in a Hawk where the dash extends past the front of the radio by several inches. The cavity is surrounded by sheet metal and there are no rust or water trails anywhere in the area where the radio is located.

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    Have you washed the car lately? There are a lot of places on a Hawk for water to enter. The chrome lip between the windshield wipers comes to mind(ask me how I know). Also, the windshield wiper shafts have been known to leak. All of these leaks sneak around under a hawk and find their way to some of the strangest spots. I had one Hawk that had the headlight switch rust out. While I do not know about Custom, these are a couple of things to look at also.


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      You can buy the leather seals for the wiper transmissions from S-I. My 64 Hawk leaked from there. part number 298300 page 130 in their catalog.


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        I personally have not dealt with Custom AutoSound, but I have heard so many negative things about their products I wouldn't fool with them or their products.

        Poet...Mystic...Soldier of Fortune. As always...self-absorbed, adversarial, cocky and in general a malcontent.
        Poet...Mystic...Soldier of Fortune. As always...self-absorbed, adversarial, cocky and in general a malcontent.


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          I purchased a radio/cassette player from them several years ago for the '62 T-Bird I had at the time. The stem on the on/off dial bent when I was installing it and it stopped working. I sent it back to them and they fixed it for free, but it appeared to be very cheaply constructed and I wouldn't buy another one....

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            I have a autosound radio in my hawk, I had a problem with installation and called them, they walked me though it. I bought the radio from one of there outlet persons so I think he gave me superb service. I have heard horror stories from a guy who had a radio for a mustang that was pure junk. Like anything it depends on the situation.These guy's are trying to help us with our vintage cars best way they know how, with economics the way they are I guess they can't afford to replace your unit.Do you think it can be repaired?

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            Studebakers forever!


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              Again I recommend, get a nice-looking stock radio for the dash, and hide a quality modern unit for actual use.

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                They claim the damage was due to water but we haven't had rain in quite awhile and the car wasn't washed during that time frame. What I found interesting was I checked the unit's exterior for any damage and found nothing wrong which had me wondering why it suddenly quit. The sound flared up suddenly then went out. The indicator light was still on. When they returned the radio the paper tag on the radio was buckled but it wasn't when I sent it to them. They refuse to do anything about the radio even though I pointed out that it had only been in use for several months. I guess that I will be looking for a better manufacturer for the next radio.


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                  I have a Custom Autosound radio/cassette player in my Lark. Installation wasn't a problem, and the radio works, but barely. Reception is lousy, especially in AM. In reality, it's cheaply made. I wouldn't buy another.
                  As a result, I bought an original Studebaker radio, which I'll have checked over and repaired if necessary. I'll be happier with an original Stude radio in my car anyway.
                  I'm just sorry I wasted money on an inferior product.

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