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  • brake lights

    I did a search but I couldnt find the location of the brake switch on the 1964 daytona wagonaire, all of my other lights work, turn signals as well, I replaced the bulbs and still no brake lights.
    I pulled the tailight housings to check the wiring and its all clean
    so I would like to check the switch

    also is there a fuse panel on these vehicles?

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    Nope, no fuse panel.

    The switch is in a line directly coming off of the master cylinder, under the hood. It's a little round deal with two leads coming off it. Unplug two wires, and unscrew the switch. I believe a Harley Davidson one is interchangeable, or get one from the Stude vendors.

    Matthew Burnette
    Hazlehurst, GA


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      Also, I have used a Ford brake light switch as interchange, and the local NAPA parts store stocks them.

      Al Reed
      North Bay Area, CA
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        quote:Originally posted by mbstude

        Nope, no fuse panel. Matthew Burnette
        Uhhh... better look under your dash again. [:0]

        Left corner- just behind the headlight switch.
        (in a Lark-type, maybe others)

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          First, locate the two wires that go to the stoplight switch (which is screwed into the master cylinder). Pull both wires off, and use a short piece of wire to connect between them. If the stoplights come on, your problem is a bad switch, which is cheap and readily available.

          If the lights don't come on, check the fuse which is located under the left side of the dash. This requires standing on your head. To find it more readily, put the turn signals on, and locate the flasher, which will be making a clicking noise. There are two fuses on the bar that the flasher plugs into. One of them is for the stoplights.

          Jim Bradley
          Lewistown PA
          '78 Avanti II
          Jim Bradley
          Lake Monticello, VA
          '78 Avanti II


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            thanks gents, it sounds simple enough,. will do this evening


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              And assuming the fuse is good and the turn signals DO FLASH when selected, you can start to suspect the turn signal switch - as the brake lites circuit is routed thru the turn signal switch.
              There's a rubber block-lookin' multiple connector that the TS switch wires plug into - it's near where the wires exit the steering column. You might wanna check to see that all the wires are plugged in well at that point and that the wire colors match from side to side. Also, those two wire connectors (mentioned earlier) at the brake lite switch - they can get corroded inside and not pass current even if securely in place.

              BTW, since the trun signals and the brake lites share the same circuits from the TS switch - on back, if the turn signals flash at the rear, that means all the related wiring and connections FROM the turn signal switch to the rear lites is good!

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                Cleaned the wire connectors and tightened them and now it works perfect,