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  • Rear End Action

    Sorry, I couldn't resist the OldCarFart title.

    Today I yanked the TT rear from my parts car, and got started on installing the new Stephen Cade flanged axles.

    Are the old tapered axles worth anything? If someone needs them, let me know. Also, is there a modern brake drum from a late model car that will interchange? My drums are OK, but being I can get new stuff with my employee discount..

    Matthew Burnette
    Hazlehurst, GA

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    Matthew, you're gonna have to light a couple more candles for us to see what you got on the floor of the garage.

    Tom Bredehoft
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      Steven Cade is out of business.
      You mean Phil Harris flanged axles.


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        quote:Originally posted by rkapteyn

        Steven Cade is out of business.
        You mean Phil Harris flanged axles.
        Nope. Cade made a run of them just as he closed up shop.


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          Steve's axles were made by Foot Axle & Forge in California.

          From an old post on the other newsgroup-

          > If you own a 10" rear drum Stude (like my 63 V8 Lark) then use the
          > drum off an 84-85 Jeep Cherokee 2.7litre V6 that has the smaller Dana
          > rear end (not the Dana 44, as AZ lists two drums for the same vehicle)
          > It has the exact same dimensions as the stude 10" by 2" with a 4-1/2"
          > bolt pattern. It is listed on the computer as a 10 by 13/4 drum. The
          > drum is made by Aimco and the part number is is Aimco 8838. I got a
          > brand new one at Autozone for 39 bucks out the door apiece.
          > Your have to use your old hub , remove the old lugbolts and and press
          > in new lugbolts that are 1/8th of inch longer (in order to press the
          > hub into the new drum r else the lugbolts are too short). Mount the
          > hub on the drum, mount the drum on the car, and keep on Studebakering.
          > 80 bucks for two new drums beats 150 for shaky 40 sumptin year old
          > drums anyday.
          I did the swap on a 58 wagon. I had to have the inner lip machined a little as it would rub against the backing plate. Worked out very well. Paid like 35.00 @ for the drums from RockAuto.
          64 Champ long bed V8
          55/53 Studebaker President S/R
          53 Hudson Super Wasp Coupe


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            Thanks Kerry, I remembered something about Jeep drums... I'll look into it!

            Yep, I got these personally from Stephen. I wanna say he only had 50 sets made?

            Matthew Burnette
            Hazlehurst, GA


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              I got a set too.


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                Cut off old axles make great pry bars
                Mono mind in a stereo world