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Replace Saginaw with KRC p/s pump?

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  • Replace Saginaw with KRC p/s pump?

    Anyone out there used a KRC power steering pump in place of the Saginaw unit used in the mid 50's C/Ks? KRC pumps with reservoir and bracket (SBC bracket)for $200 seems like a good bet if it can be adapted without too much hassle.

    '57 Silver Hawk

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    The KRC 59010-B for $209 does not have the hose kit at that price. Hose kit PS-HK is $109. Will work on an Avanti with a 600 Delphi P/S unit for a 55-57 Chev. Short Shaft. Never tried one on the early C/K's.


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      Alan, thanks for the feedback. I presume you built your own bracket to mount the pump. I would have to have hoses custom made for my application. I wonder what the KRC output pressure is and if it could damage the sector unit if too high?


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        Put a pressure gauge on the unit you have now and see how much pressure is in the lines going from lock to lock. You then can adjust the pressure in the KRC unit down to match.